Sales & Marketing Solutions For Pro Sports & Entertainment

Database Marketing


One Central Repository Of All Customer Data

Consolidate your information into one secure, centralized database. Take advantage of virtually an unlimited capacity to store lists from multiple data sources. De-dupe capabilities help you maintain a clean, database of leads, prospects and customers.

Purchased lists can readily be imported into your SportSMARTS system. Take advantage of information you are capturing from other areas, such as your ticketing system, fan loyalty system and even your web site, to track new opportunities for all sales and marketing areas of your organization.

Customized databases and inquiry tracking provide the ability to measure marketing campaigns. Data can be readily shared internally or with outside sources as needed through import and export capabilities. Custom reporting can be prepared to pull information needed to manage and fine tune sales and marketing efforts.


Segment Your Data

Effectively profile your prospects and customers to target them by interests and buying habits. SportSMARTS capabilities allow you to quickly segment your database against which personalized mass print, fax and e-mail campaigns can be executed. 

Powerful search capabilities allow key criteria to be used to isolate cross sell opportunities. Simple step-by-step wizards let you build groups from these searches to be exported or used for targeted communication.