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Internet Marketing


 Web Site Integration

Fan ticket interests in season, groups or special events can be captured from their visits to your web site and dropped directly into your database. Then a series of sales and marketing steps can be automatically kicked off to insure a timely follow-up to each lead.

Information from the completed form on your web site triggers different types of personalized replies to the fan and then routes the lead to the appropriate area - all within a matter of a few minutes from the time they submit the information.

Random sales rep allocation of leads insures a fair distribution of new leads is made. Assistance in preparing the forms and integrating them with your database is available as part of all SportSMARTS modules. Learn more about our Web Lead Capture & Responder by clicking here.

Personalized E-mail Campaigns

Personalized e-mail messages, targeted to fans based upon their interests and past purchase behavior, draws their attention and increases response levels to your mass e-mail campaigns. Track which messages they respond to and where they have been on your team web site. Know when they are ready to buy and what is of most interest to your fans.

Embedded HTML capabilities allow you to truly use the look and feel of your teams colors and web site to further enhance the power of these messages. The same personalization capabilities can be used in these embedded HTML messages making it look like the web page was prepared just for them!. Special reports help you measure response rates and sales results for each campaign.